Forward thinking organisations are increasingly moving away from traditional on-premise solutions and embracing the significant rewards of a cloud first strategy.

 Delivering increased organisational security and resilience whilst achieving greater agility, innovation and the ability to rapidly scale infrastructure, migrating to the cloud can generate significant cost efficiency gains through flexible pricing models and reduced wastage.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform that provides services that span storage, security, networking and compute capabilities and is well suited for organisations who want the ability to leverage a vast array of intelligent services that can work at scale and at a cheaper cost than on-premises solutions.

Azure identity and governance services help you secure access to your resources by ensuring that the right people have the right access and by integrating your on-premises infrastructure with Azure Active Directory using Azure AD Connect, you can support that infrastructure while also leveraging the latest features the cloud has to offer.

Azure storage gives you the ability to create storage accounts, import and export data, configure Azure file shares and implement Azure Blob storage, while Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery provide comprehensive backup, restore and site recovery solutions.

The ability to create, deploy and maintain virtual machines is a key component of Azure’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering and the options available to create and manage virtual network components such as IP addresses, network interfaces, peering, Azure DNS, Azure load balancers and Azure Application Gateways are crucial elements that are needed to ensure secure, reliable interconnectivity.

It can become a challenge to keep track of this functionality however  but tools such as Azure Monitor can help to analyse areas such as spending, subscriptions, utilisation and consumption in order to manage and control resources more effectively.

Identities and Governance

Create and Manage Users and Groups
Perform Bulk User Updates
Manage Guest Accounts
Manage Device Settings
Configure Azure AD Join
Configure Self-Service Password Reset
Create and Assign Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) Roles
Create Custom Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) Roles
Configure Management Groups
Manage Subscriptions
Create and Manage Resource Groups
Configure Cost Management
Configure Azure Policies
Configure Resource Locks
Apply Tags


Create and Configure Storage Accounts
Manage Storage Access Keys
Generate Shared Access Signatures
Implement Azure Storage Replication
Configure Azure Blob Storage
Configure Storage Tiers
Import and Export Data To and From Azure Storage
Create Azure File Shares
Utilise Azure Storage Explorer and AZCopy
Create and Configure Azure File Sync Services

Compute Resources

Create Virtual Machines
Deploy Virtual Machines From Templates
Configure Azure Disk Encryption
Manage Virtual Machine Sizes
Add Data Disks
Redeploy Virtual Machines
Configure Networking
Configure High Availability
Deploy and Configure Scale Sets
Modify Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Templates
Create Templates From Deployments
Create and Configure Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
Create and Configure Azure Container Instances (ACI)
Create and Configure Azure App Service Plans

Virtual Networking

Create Azure Virtual Networks
Create Network Interfaces
Configure Private and Public IP Addresses, Network Routes and Subnets
Create and Configure VNet Peering
Create VNet Gateways
Configure VNet-to-VNet Connections
Create and Configure Azure DNS
Create and Associate Network Security Groups (NSG)
Create and Configure Azure VPN Gateways
Create and Configure VPNs
Configure ExpressRoute
Configure Azure Virtual WANs

Monitor and Back Up

Configure and Interpret Metrics
Configure Log Analytics
Query and Analyse Logs
Set Up Alerts and Actions
Configure Application Insights
Create and Configure Recovery Services Vaults
Perform Backup and Restore Operations with the Azure Backup Service
Perform Site-to-Site Recoveries with Azure Site Recovery
Create and Configure Backup Policies
Configure and Review Backup Reports

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